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The greatest show on earth:

Toronto, 15th September 2010
Toronto, 15th September 2010

Finally, 21st century version of The Wall unveiled. Roger Waters kicked off The Wall tour at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. I feel lucky that I witnessed the first show of The Wall 2010-11 tour. It was certainly the most spectacular concert in rock history.

Roger and his band, the wall itself, props, sound effects, visual images... Everything was fantastic.

The 20,000-seat centre was packed. It must have been scalper's dream concert. If you miss the show in your town, you may regret it for the rest of your life. Here's what happened at the ACC on September 15th, 2010:

*Venue regulations: Big cameras were not allowed. Only small size ones were allowed.
*Running time: The show started at 8:03pm and ended at 10:35pm.
*The sound: Overall, much sharper and heavier than the previous Dark Side tour.
*Highlights: You may not agree with this: In The Flesh?, The Happiest Days, Another Brick Part 1, Mother, Empty Spaces, Comfortably Numb, Run Like Hell, The Trial.

Roger's microphone did not work properly for a minute or so on 'Mother'. Snowy White's solo on 'Mother' was killer! Dave Kilminster's long solo on 'Comfortably Numb' was fine. I mean, not as good as David Gilmour's trade mark solo. Kilminster is a talented player, but he is not Gilmour.

*Visual images: Superb, but too much digital graphics.
*Merchandise: T-shirts were hot items. I got one for $40. Program($25)? No good. I bought it, but I was totally disappointed. Posters looked alright.
*Media reviews:
"Students share The Wall with rock legend Roger Waters" (Globe & Mail:
"It's The Wall, not the Roger Waters show" (Toronto Star:
"Roger Waters builds a dazzling Wall" (Toronto Sun:
*Taking pictures: Don't miss Spitfire crash. As you know it happens at the end of 'In The Flesh?'. If you have floor seats, keep watching your right hand side. Happens so quickly. I missed my shot.

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