lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

I’d been talking to Joe the other night about wanting to see the show from behind the wall so i decided tonight I'd do just that. The whole stage is an amazing setup and the area underneath the stage can be pretty much walked under!! this is to allow the amps and instruments that come up on the front of the stage to be set up. There's a huge black net that the crew pull over all the instruments and the band at the intermission this is to stop all the bricks falling on the band when the wall comes down, see first and second pics below:
DSCF2461 (Large) DSCF2472 (Large)
I was interested to see id the band were doing anything different during “Hey You”, they weren't! they pretty much stand as they do during the show when you can see them through the wall. There were a lot more crew on the stage whilst the wall is fully built plus Rogers official photographer was walking around onstage getting some shots as they were singing and playing. Dave and G E Smith come about half way up the wall and play acoustic guitars for Is There Anybody Out There, again see pics below:
DSCF2491 (Large) DSCF2519 (Large)
It was interesting to see that Roger does indeed actually sing Vera!! i was as sceptical as a lot of people as that when he moves from the hotel room that comes out of the wall almost instantly Vera starts, i made sure to look round the back as Roger came through the secret door in the side of the “hotel room” holding a mic and actually singing as he went down the stairs to the lower level of the stage before appearing around the front!
What i was really surprised at when i went up to the top of the wall at the side was just how uneven and not straight the wall was! As you can see from the pics, the bricks are looking a bit “used” now after a few shows.
DSCF2469 (Large) DSCF2470 (Large) DSCF2471 (Large)
I was also surprised at how quick the moving platforms behind the wall moved up and down, these moved a lot faster than i expected and i was surprised to see Dave K going up the wall that quick for his solo for Comfy Numb. I did like looking at the back of the hall while the spotlight was behind Dave K and seeing his giant shadow on the crowd. along with seeing the spotlights over the crowd during several parts of the show.
DSCF2506 (Large) DSCF2507 (Large) DSCF2489 (Large)
Playing on top of the wall:

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