jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010

THE WALL toronto 16 setembro


First show of The Wall last night in Toronto was a mind blowing experience. In all ways.

The band was loud, raw, explosive and lush in sound!!! Roger was in great form and was obviously enjoying himself. Great band especially Jon Carin's Run Like Hell performance stood out as THE highlight of the show. Kilminster was lush in sound and delivered the guitar parts and solos extremely well. Hats off!!! Snowy was not much in front this time, but was great when he was delivering. The new guy needs a few more shows to nail his parts, but will be fantastic I'm sure.

Gilmour vocalist did a fantastic job.

Toronto, 15th September 2010Toronto, 15th September 2010Toronto, 15th September 2010

Graham's drumming was such a treat and extremely raw and explosive.

What can I say about the show??? Words can't really describe it. But it was amazing to sit through. The full blown wall backdrop was lush and extremely powerful. Mr Screen was beautiful to sit in front in so many ways. The political stuff was perfect and spot on and definately brought tears to my eyes when combine with the lost ones feature sent in by the fans and general crowd.

Looking forward to the next ten shows I'll be attending here on the North American leg of the tour.

I'm in awe!!!!!

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